M & I CONSTRUCTION offers a wide range of Original and OEM Parts for Mining Equipment, Drilling Machines, drilling tools, Concrete Pumps, and Drilling Pipes for Petrol and Gas, Anchor bolts and other specialized spare parts and consumables.


M & I CONSTRUCTION Ltd was established in 2012. Founded by a specialist in mining engineering and technology, for 6 years on the market, it aims to increase the number of satisfied customers. 
We offer a wide range of new original parts, new OEM parts, second - hand parts, refurbished and refurbished spare parts. The new OEM parts we sell are of the same quality as the original parts and a one year warranty.

Our Products and Services

We have an individual approach to each client, we strive to find the problem and offer the most optimal solution.

We offer parts and consumables for drilling machines, concrete pumps, drilling pipes for oil and gas, anchor bolts and others. 

We find the real manufacturer and deliver the parts directly, making our prices the most attractive!

What parts and consumables do we offer?

Bits for top hammer (TH), Down the hammer bits (DTH), rods, tubes, adapters, nozzles, clay bits, couplings, pneumatic hammers, adaptors!, flush heads, shanks.
Bits with spherical, ballistic buttons and combined. Flat and retrack bits.
Drilling machine parts.
Anchor systems (anchor bolt, coupling, nut, plates, bits) to strengthen tunnels.

We guarantee the parts we deliver!


We offer high quality bits for top and down the hammers of the German brand  RT RoXster.

Besides Drilling bits, we also offer pneumatic hammers, adapters x2, coupling, adapters, shank adapters and flush heads. 

They are distinguished by their high endurance, which is achieved by using the best quality button carbide and special steel for the bits. This combination of quality materials inevitably directs us as a leader among the major manufacturers. 

In addition to standard bits, we can also produce custom-made bits with diameter, design and buttons according to the specifics of your drilling conditions. 

This is the right way to reduce your drilling costs!  

We offer bits with spherical, ballistic and combined buttons. 

We maintain stockpiles on most of our most used drilling bits. 

Bits for Top Hammer TH Drilling Machines


Bits for Down the hammer DTH Drilling Machines


Drilling Bits with small diameter

H22 / R22 / R23 / R25 / R28

Drilling Machine Sandvik DI600

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Drilling Pipes  "PERFORATOR"

We offer high-quality drilling pipes of the German brand "Perforator", as well as custom-made tubes according to individual specifications.
The pipes are designed for DTH drilling, rotary drilling, water drilling, oil and gas drilling, and trenchless drilling machines.

Anchor Systems "ARMOSAN MOYA"  

We are representatives of the company ARMOSAN MOYA, which are manufacturers of anchor systems with wide application - to strengthen tunnels, roads, dams and retaining walls, slopes and many others.
The high - quality anchor is guaranteed by hot rolled technology, resulting in increased strength and resistance to anchor rupture, giving an advantage over other manufacturers.
The system is so-called: self-drilling (IBO anchors and fastening anchors) anchor bolts.
In the most general case, the system consists of: anchor bolt, coupling, nut, plate, bit.
We offer system called "Tube Umbrella".

Other Products

DTH Hammer , Adaptors, Coupling, Reductive adapters, Flushing heads, Drilling Pipes "Perforator" 

DTH Hammer from :

  • 3“ ; 4“ ; 6“; 8“ ; 10“ ; 12“ ; 14“ inches

Adaptors; Coupling ; Reductive adapters

Flushing heads

Threaded rods R32, T35, T38, T45, T51

MF rods and adaptors for rods

Rods MF and monoblock

  • H21, H22(7⁰,11⁰,12⁰)
  • R22, R23, R25, R28, R32, R35

Drilling Pipes "Perforator" for:

  • DTH drilling machines
  • Rotary drilling
  • Water well
  • Drilling for oil and gas
  • Trenchless drilling

Custom Made Drilling Pipes on customer request!

Nozzles for concrete pumps

Pipes – straight and reductive for concrete pumps

Elbows – different types ( 45 deg, 90 deg, etc.) for concrete pumps

Hydraulic Hoses with a wide range of diameters and tips, custom made for you!

All Other Parts and Consumables for Drilling Machines, Concrete Pumps and Other Construction Machinery!

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